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Mineral Base Effect UV LED - Apricot White 7ml

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Indigo mineral base with speckle is a subtle, fashionable accent that will give a quick and easy twist to your styling ideas. It's a product that, when used on its own, is completely enough to give your nails a subtle shimmer with its colorful hexagon-shaped speckle. It has a medium-thick consistency, milky color and particles in juicy pink and peach colors

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Mineral Base - Natural is a multipurpose product that will revolutionize your day-to-day work. Thanks to our gel polish 3in1 Mineral Base, you will create a spectacular full manicure set in only 30 minutes!

Features of Mineral Base: 

  • Natural Thanks to its 3in1 formula works as a base coat, colour and top coat at the same time.
  • The cool pink is the most natural shade in the Mineral Base collection, matches any skin tone.
  • It reduces the time of full set manicure up to 30 min.
  • Provides 75% coverage.
  • Perfect for infills and short extensions of natural nails.
  • Excellent base for pastel colours, nude shades, ombre, baby boomer and quick manicure ornaments.
  • Easy to apply – no more streaks or gel on the cuticles.
  • Perfect for gel and hybrid gel infills.

How to work with Indigo Mineral Base?

  • Mineral Base curing time is 30-60 seconds.
  • A second, slightly thicker layer, which is applied to form a C-curve line needs to be cured for around 60 seconds. The same rule applies for nail extensions.
  • To get the beautiful glossy finish of the last layer, when the base is fully cured, wait 60 sec and allow to cool the gel down. Next, wipe off the dispersion layer with Cleaner.

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