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Mineral Base Effect UV Led Cocosanka 7ml

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An idea for summer nails? Mineral Base Cocosanka! The 2-in-1 mineral base saves you time and allows you to do the styling in a much shorter time. The warm, milky, peachy shade adds a light touch to your nail design. The pink and yellow hexagons contained in the base create an interesting three-dimensional effect.

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Cover any styling with a top coat and cure 30 seconds in a Multiled lamp.

  • We start by disinfecting our hands - our own and the client's.
  • Work on the cuticles - the method is adjusted individually. The cuticles can be removed with a cutter, stick or cut with the cutters of your choice.
  • The cuticle is matted with a 100/180-grit buffer and the dust is removed with a soft brush.
  • Wipe each nail with a cotton pad soaked in violet cleaner and thoroughly degrease the nail plate.
  • Apply a primer, usually Acid Free Primer.
  • Apply a thin layer of a chosen hybrid base and cure for 30 seconds in a lamp.
  • Apply Lans Bounce nail polish. Two coats of color are needed for full coverage. Cure each layer for 30 seconds in a MultiLed lamp.
  • Coat nails with your chosen hybrid top coat and cure again for 30-60 seconds in the lamp.
  • After removing your hands from the lamp, wait for about a minute.
  • If you have chosen a top with a sticky layer*, wipe each nail with a cotton swab soaked in Sha Super Shine Effect Cleaner.
  • Use a dry cotton swab to additionally polish the nails for a spectacular shine.

*The non-sticky top coat does not need to be wiped with Shea Super Shine Effect Cleaner. Just one minute after removing your hands from the lamp, apply a drop of your chosen Shea Elixir with Keratin to the nail shafts.


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