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GlammaMia! - Super Copper 0,5g

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Highly polished copper tempts with reflections and a deep, reddish shade. You can now have the same effect on your nails! Hit the city with and amaze the world with your every step

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  • Consistency

very fine flakes

  • Application

gel polish styles

  • Application

for product without dispersion


  • Creates a delicate, mirror-like, pearly surface
  • Does not change the colour of the basecoat

Aplication tips:

  • Create any gel polish, gel or acrylic set;
  • After curing the top coat without dispersion, e.g. Tip Top in the case of gel polish, Shine On in the case of a gel manicure; rub the nail dust in a circular motion for a few seconds;
  • Remove excess nail dust using a soft brush;
  • Apply one of the Indigo gel polish top coats, e.g. Wet Look, TipTop, remembering to protect the free edge of the nail carefully;
  • Cure the top coat for 30 seconds in a MultiLed lamp. Wait approx. 1 minute before using skincare products


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GlammaMia! - Super Copper 0,5g